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Only complete next section if you are interested in a combined
system for both - swimming pool & domestic hot water

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 Low (15 l/day/person) Medium (30 l/day/person)  High (50 l/day/person) no showers or baths

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Total estimated demand per day: litres

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 oil/gas solid fuel heat pump or other none

Angle of the orientation: deg

 front back side of the house

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a= m

b= m

Total: m² Roof Pitch(β)= deg

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[radio* type-covering "slate" "flat tile" "curved tile" "other"]

Other than roof installation preferred:

Type of solar water heating system

Swimming pool:

Domestic Hot Water:

Are you interested in other forms of solar energy?

 Wood gasification boiler (supply only) Solar air ventilation Heat recovery ventilation Solar Photovoltaics (electric)

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