Photovoltaic solar panels convert daylight into electricity. This DC power can either be used directly – for a garden feature or greenhouse ventilation for example – or it can be stored in rechargeable solar batteries to be used for small voltage appliances. An inverter can convert the generated electricity into AC (230 Volt) power.
In remote areas or for low voltage requirements, PV is becoming more and more competitive with a long operating life and low maintenance – a highly reliable alternative to grid extension.

There are several programs in operation across Europe to encourage grid connected PV installations, both domestic and commercial. This has increased production and reduced costs.

Our partners have built the most modern PV production facility (capacity 5 MW/a) in Freiburg, Germany, where a combination of renewable energy systems supply all of the factories power demand. Being the only CO2 neutral production facility in Europe guarantees that every PV panel contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the moment it starts generating electricity.

We offer a wide range of amorphous, polycrystalline and monocrystalline PV modules. Stand-alone systems, solar batteries, charge controllers, inverters, solar pumps, lights, radios, gadgets & gizmos – if it’s got to do with solar energy, we can deliver!

An excellent way to increase road safety is to install solar road studs (cat’s eyes) that charge up the integrated battery during daylight hours and give light all through the night.


Solar Car Port

In the future renewable energy will play a central role in the electricity generation sector. Future proof your house and avoid price increases by the utilities. Limit the effects of climate change and environmental damage by generating your own. Parking areas with solar carports provide a welcome opportunity for the use of clean photovoltaic electricity generation during daylight hours when demand on the grid is highest. They keep cars cool in the summer and dry all year round.
We can also supply P.Charge, an electric charging point for electric vehicles.


Solar Streetlights

Solar powered light systems from EV SOL are the reliable, renewable and remarkable way to light an outdoor space. Whether to enhance security, improve commerce or create visibility, solar powered lighting is an economic and environmental choice for your parking area, roadway, public park, university campus, shopping centre, bus stop or security fence. Solar lights are a visible statement of your commitment to the environment. With advanced LED lighting, optics and intelligent controls, solar lights have never been brighter or more versatile. TSR solar lighting… patented, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly.


Solar Advertising Sign

The high power ‘LED’ lights are powered by solar energy. They automatically switch on at sunset and illuminate the sign for the night. The EV SOL Solar Outdoor Advertising Sign Light uses a highperformance solar panel to generate energy during daylight hours  which provides power to a sealed solar battery.                                                                                        

LED Spotlights

Using grid electricity for lighting an outdoor feature is often difficult and always expensive in places where the grid is not readily available. Installing a solar LED set allows lighting at night, is often cheaper to install and has no running costs. The battery allows an autonomy of ~3 days, which makes it viable even in winter.


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