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Solar air heating and ventilation systems are a relative newcomer to the solar family. Instead of using water as the medium, solar heated air is blown into the building through an air ducting system. In any modern building with integrated ventilation system, solar heated air will dramatically reduce the heating and energy demand. The ‘Topsolar’ product range was developed with such buildings in mind. The collectors make the most of diffuse radiation (cloudy conditions) and a temperature increase of up to 40 C is possible on a clear winters day! To increase efficiency even further, a domestic hot water pack with air/water heat exchanger for summer use is available.

The Grammer Duo is an independent solar ventilation system with its own integrated power supply (a photovoltaic module). It was designed for holiday homes and houses that are not permanently inhabited or heated/aired. Even without direct sunshine, the ‘Duo’ takes fresh and warm air into the building. With a maximum output of 700 W/m2, it converts 70% of available solar radiation into thermal energy. This is particularly impressive on a clear, cold winter’s day. There are no running costs, no maintenance, no toxic emissions and the automatic control ensures that the system works even when you are not there.

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