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Turn your home into a solar home with our help. Reliable and advanced solar technology for water/space heating, ventilation systems and photovoltaic electricitygeneration provides us with the opportunity to generate free & clean energy.

The sun provides us with far more energy every year than we can possibly use. We are, however, only utilising a tiny percentage of that energy at present. Everybody can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by several tonnes per year, simply by installing an average size solar water heating system.


Domestic & Commercial

Photovoltaic solar panels convert daylight into electricity.This DC power can either be used directly …

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Solar Water

Domestic & Commercial

The most widely used solar water heating system consists of solar collectors, circulating pump unit …

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Solar Air

Air Heating & Ventilation

Solar air heating and ventilation systems are a relative newcomer to the solar family. Solar heated air is blown …

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